Irreplaceable - the docu series

The making of irreplaceable

On a snowy day in the Pacific Northwest, a  small group of adults showed up to a Middle School gymnasium for a student assembly. They spoke to the young teens that filled the stands, and shared both a vision and a request. 

The vision was to provide a resource for an epidemic that was taking place within the community. The epidemic of young people taking their own lives. The suicide rate in this area was in the top 7  across the United States. They outlined a partnership that had formed between a School system, a local Church, and a Film Production company. 

The resource this group wanted to provide was a docu series - one that was raw and personal. A series where the students themselves talked about what it was like to live in 2020 as a teen. The pressures and expectations, the fears and lies that might be present in their thoughts on a daily basis. The thoughts and circumstances that might bring them to an ultimate decision that couldn't be replayed. 

And then they made a request to the assembly - they asked the students to come forward and share their stories. To be willing to take a risk and be vulnerable in front of a camera for all to see. To share their personal struggles and stories with others, in the hope that it might make a difference for even one person. 

And they came. They signed up.. by the dozen they signed up. They were brave and amazing and they brought us to tears with their stories and struggles. Each one was unique - each one was touching - each one was Irreplaceable.

School lockers picture